HID LinTag™ RFID Textile Laundry Tag (PN 6F8990)

HID Global’s LinTag robust design combats the industrial wash cycles for linens, withstanding the rigors of repeated washings, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and pressure.

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HID Global LinTag™ transponders apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RAIN® RFID UHF tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments.

Robust LinTag transponders withstand the rigors of repeated washings, including exposure to water, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and pressure. The patented design securely positions the inner chip relative to the antenna, which guarantees consistent performance over the life of the tag.

Encased in highly durable cotton-polyester fabric, LinTag units allow inconspicuous RFID tag placement into textiles. LinTag Heat-seal units attach effortlessly via heat-seal processes. Extensions on LinTag Stitch units allow them to be directly stitched onto or seamed into fabric without the need for an extra pouch or cover. LinTag Embed units can be sewn into a small hem or pocket to accommodate existing processes.

Industrial laundries and commercial cleaners are using RFID technology to improve inventory control, reduce labor requirements, and optimize the lifecycle management of individual textiles and garments. Real-time traceability delivers more accurate and timely billing, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Healthcare organizations rely on LinTag transponders to survive repeated cleaning and sterilization processes for bed linens, gowns and surgical supplies. Faster, more accurate tracking with RFID provides hospitals with more reliable audit trails to manage infection control procedures. Healthcare organizations are also tagging linens and gowns to monitor usage and inventories, automate distribution, and reduce shrinkage and staffing needs.


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