RU224 Stand-Alone 4 Ports RFID Reader Writer

NEXT GENERATION fixed and rugged 4 ports RFID Reader Writer with unique best-in-class features, tons of customization & application possibilities! for retail, logistic/warehousing, libraries, etc. Check out product demonstration video below:


The Scannel RU224 Next-Gen UHF RFID Reader was developed using the best high performance hardware technology in order for users to quickly adapt with the fast-evolving technological advances in the age of IoT

  • Built-in Micro-Computer with full Linux OS for Stand-alone RFID Reader Applications
  • R2000 Chip for High Performance UHF Scanning
  • Customizable Read Range from 15cm with our Near-field Narrow Beam Antenna (NFL300) up to 30 meters using our Far-field Narrow Beam Antenna (RFS9028N)
  • Stream tag reading output directly to your local/cloud database (MySQL, MSSQL) without additional software, (optional) Web Service support (JSON)
  • GPIO with Independent Control Capabilities allow users to control devices without using RF Chip
  • Multiple Programming Language Support
  • Multiple Communication Protocol (built-in Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth)
  • 12V Power Output for GPIO Devices (E.g. Sensors, LED Lights, Etc.)


RU224 Product Datasheet

RU224 User Manual


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