Our Expertise

Integrated Security and Tracking Solutions
People Tracking

RFID People Tracking Solution For Employees and Visitors

Enterprise Asset Tracking

Integrated Asset Tracking Solution for Single & Multi Location Enterprise

Vehicle Tracking

Integrated Tracking Solution for Personal & Commercial Vehicle

Access Control

Integrated Access Control Solution for Single & Multi Location Enterprises

Warehouse Management

Accellerate & Simplifying Process of Tracking Moving Inventory In & Out of Your Warehouse

Document Management

Integrated RFID Library System & Physical Certificate Management Solution

Race Timing

Fast & Reliable Outdoor Timing System Specially Designed for Race Event

Payment And Loyalty

Payment and Loyalty Management Solution with RFID

Our Products

RFID Readers

This section contains our recommended and available in stock RFID reader brand and models for our customers based on proven reliability and performance.

RFID Antennas

This section contains a list of antennas optimized for various usage and applications


This section shows several types of RFID tag classified by its main application. Some of the tags can be used for various project types.

RFID Software

This section list some of our ready to use software solution for specific hardware data output handling and it’s integration with customer’s on premise software

RFID Printer

Industrial and desktop printers for cards and labels with direct thermal printing and RFID encoding

Productivity Components

I/O Controllers, Machine Safety Sensors, Serial Port Converters, Industrial Audible Tower Lights

Access Control Components

Door Locks, Barrier Gates, Bollard, Biometric Fingerprint, Vein, Iris and Face Recognition Device


About US

We've been developing innovative RFID complete solutions since 2004.

PT. RFID Indonesia is a well-known RFID, security, and automation equipment distributor and integrated solution provider. Since 2004, our business has been involved in several RFID projects in the government and private sector, deploying bespoke RFID solutions for warehousing, manufacturing/WIP monitoring, indoor and outdoor corporate asset tracking, and physical access control/time management., people/animal tracking, document management, library, and parking system. Our company's goal is to assist customers in trying out a new RFID system or transitioning from an old/legacy system with proper requirement analysis and optional in-field testing of suggested hardware and software to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit at the lowest possible TCO. We are confident in our ability to execute high-quality RFID implementation while staying within your budget, thanks to our extensive RFID implementation experience. PT. RFID Indonesia can assist you with all aspects of your RFID deployment, from start to finish.

  • Equipment Distributor

    RFID Readers, Tags and Antennas, Biometric Devices, Industrial Barcode Readers, Card and Label Printers, IP Based Device Server/Micro Controller, Ultrasonic & Infrared Sensors, Electronic Locks & Barrier Gates

  • Solution Provider

    We make use of the best possible combination of hardware and software to achieve business objective while still meet your budget

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