Impinj R700 RAIN Enterprise IoT RFID Reader

The Impinj R700 reader is designed to support enterprise RAIN deployments that need industry-leading performance, enterprise-grade reliability and security, and support for next-gen RAIN tags. IoT developers can easily build and deploy customized solutions with developer-friendly tools, increased processing power, and increased on-reader memory.

Best Receive Sensitivity: empowers faster, more accurate reads at lower transmit power to better control read zone
Powerful Edge Processing: enables intelligent on-reader RAIN tag-processing algorithms
Secure, upgradable Linux OS: delivers enterprise-grade security and reliability
Simple IoT device interface: easily connects IoT applications to configure, control, and consume RAIN data, with native support for MQTT
Fast Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity: brings fast network connectivity to IoT applications
Rich peripheral and accessory support: Provides versatility, including support for up to 32 antennas, to seamlessly integrate the reader into customized IoT solutions


Impinj R700 RAIN RFID Reader

Industry-leading performance, enterprise grade reliability — the all-new Impinj® R700 RAIN RFID reader simplifies IoT solution development and RAIN deployments.

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