RBTW389 2.4GHz BLE Contact Tracing-Social Distancing-Body Temperature Logging Wristband

  • Contact Tracing and Social Distancing BLE wristband with LED and temperature sensor to help enforcing corporate safe distance rule (adjustable distance) and strict fever checking,
  • Help to prevent and reduce the spread of contagious disease between people wearing RBTW289 by automatically log each person wristband ID and body temperature on each device upon meeting or entering designated work locations.
  • Automatically store contact time and temperature data and upload by app to cloud server for easy contact tracing.
  • RBTW389 wristband powered Using 90mAh rechargeable battery that can be recharged easily on any USB powered adaptor or powerbank.
  • Comes with SDK, technical manual and sample application to allow further development on Android platform.


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