RTDF4423 Dual Frequency PVC Card NFC Type2 14443A-3 and EPC Gen2 V2 18000-63 Compliant

  • RTDF4423 with a 96-bit unalterable unique identifier (UID) to ensure full traceability, the same UID number is used by both RF protocols
  • The EPC communication interface like stock inventory, product returns, and data privacy, also enables new marketing services like product information or loyalty programs using an NFC enabled smartphone
  • RTDF4423 combines two functionalities on one single die, the EPC technology used for long range application purposes and the NFC used to exchange data in a proximity range. Both protocols may share a common unique ID
  • The RTDF4423 offers two non-volatile memories which are accessible by both RF air interfaces, which are segmented to implement multiple applications, RTDF4423 supports the optional BlockWrite command, enabling the fast encoding of a 96-bit EPC, also supports the optional Untraceable command to hide portions of memory of the tag or label
  • These cards are read/written by the relevant protocol readers and may required to be programmed for the specific and customized systems. We only provide the blank cards that same as the original chip from chip manufacturer


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